Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mail Art

Debrina recycled a greeting card/envelope set box to use as the base of her bundle and filled it with some great goodies! I love the twine!
Open wide....look what's inside:)

I noticed that Debrina had a "mail me" button on her blog so decided to send her a 'little something' in the mail. Above is the bundle I recieved back from her! Arn't I lucky? Thanks Debrina! The photo below shows the bundle I sent to her. I didn't photograph the contents but I made this little envelope from water colour paper and then treated it like a postcard. I am sure you can well and truly recognise the elements I have used by now!


Debrina said...

Oh how cool to see it like this Lisa. I still haven't done my posting yet - but be assured it's not far away! I had a bit of a crazy weekend in the end, so stay tuned...I haven't forgotten you!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Very neat, the things you do for each other! Such imagination!

notmassproduced said...

nice goodies....yumm

Mick said...

How much fun is this! It's like your birthday every day! :)

John said...

Thed top image is most Lisa-eaque. Really drawn to its complex simplicity - to balance and order and sprig of delight.

I never thought I was funny, just sweetly crass.

My best to you and your family, mum.