Saturday, January 17, 2009

I got the flow!! WAHOOO!

Old school journal book cover, gold serviette, paint, recycled encyclopedia images and paper scrap. As yet untitled collage for the 2009 International Collage Exchange. (Maybe!) Click image to view it full size.
Wahoo! I feel good. Not only did I uncover my what caused me to loose my flow in the first place I managed to get it back. I feel it for sure this time, no more wishful thinking:) So what caused me to loose my mojo? Strangely enough I believe it was stopping smoking. I've smoked for half my life and I always knew that one of my harder times would be when I created. Smoking to think. Smoking to take a break. Smoking to celebrate and relieve stress....Somehow I seemed unable to seperate the two. But I've done it and about time too I say!
I created this collage all in one go today. I think it will be the first in a series for the next International Collage Exchange in April this year. Last year was 'Society is a nest' and this year I'm thinking more along the lines of how we are intertwined with nature. We are woven nest like with our environemt and we are depend on it for our own survival as it does on us. I'm thinking of calling this series something along the lines of "the hand that feed us' although that's still in the thought stage!
I'd really like to use my own images this time, or atleast one image that is a transfer from a photograph or some other technique. 2 birds with one stone so to speak. I also want to work in layers on a painted background instead of using 99% magazine images like last time. One good thing about the exchange is that you do enough collages to really explore the ideas you have, the subject and ofcourse...yourself.I will keep you updated:) This is turning into a long post so I will sign off here. I have the results of my marigold dye drying as I speak...


Joy Logan said...

You are having fun girlllllllll.

John said...

I like the execution and I am following what you are writing . regarding your preparation for the challange. I liked all your collages last year.

A great deja vu, to see your work
with a challange and a meeting of peers which both inspire you, I sensed it last year.

Keep the marigold dye off your hair and tooth brush.

I appreciate your comments, ya know.

Mick said...

I say congrats on each count, Lisa, and the cover is looking fabulous! I must admit to being somewhat skeptical about smoking as a crutch since working through a dry spell or a dead zone ought to do the trick, with or without the muse. At the same time, what the mind believes is also very powerful and I'm excited to hear what you're saying on this side of the breakthrough.

(As one who used to smoke 3-4 packs of cigarettes a day while drinking way too much, I know from experience the seductive hold of vices as well as the individual power to overcome them.)

Vanessa said...

yes- this first collage is quite magic.. i like the rough look (scratchy paint) to it and also the way you have used text here.. as a peephole into a dialogue.