Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seed Pods

Another black and white I know...but black and white lends itself so well to some images! Actually this is more shades of grey that either black or white but it was taken in colour and converted on the computer.
I'm really enjoying this photography buzz I am on and have added 2 more images to my "nature lines" series.
Thanks for the feedback already recieved on this! Much appreciated:)
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Irene said...

Beautiful seed pods, Lisa. I want to reach out and peel one of them.

Mick said...

Another gorgeous photograph, Lisa. I'm on my way to see the new ones now. :)

Anonymous said...

Taste like dried peas?


Anonymous said...

Isn't that just the truth? That's what I like so much about digital cameras now. You can switch back and forth between digital and color. Great photo Lisa!

Tash said...

Definitely superb in B&W.
BTW I think it's cool you posted the Bold/Pattern collage here also. I enjoyed the nature lines too.