Sunday, July 27, 2008

Altered Playing Card Book

You may remember the little altered playing card accordian book I started a while ago? Well it's home and I'm thrilled. Here's a couple of pages that I thought I would share. This art isn't mine ( I did the covers which I posted previously.) Part of the swap requirements was to use handmade, found and or recycled materials and you may have already spotted the piece of net curtain behind the Owls. I love these swaps and I'm always both sad and happy when the book comes home and the swap is over!
I've been busy lately working on a Altered Book for a friend of mine and I've also made 2 CD book pages and a hand made postcard. I havn't taken pictures yet though. I've also been painting and I'm loving the way it's coming along so as soon as the light's right I will post a photo of that too. No more on the tie series yet, the idea is incubating for a while...who knows where it will go next!

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Mick said...

The owl and the pussy cat went to sea in a pea green boat. I bet they played cards. A flounder has just raised and called the pussy cat! :O

John said...

I like the bottom image the best. I could tell it was not your work because this is more two dimensional - the collage is not pancaked and assembly is unsubtle.

Exciting to hear about all your best.

The Artful Eye said...

I like Mick's story. I remember your covers they were wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your painting.

Incubating ties. hmmm....