Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inchies and ATC's

These "Inchies" are for this months with NZ Mail Art and the ATC's are for ATC-NZ's monthly alphabet swap. These are 'Copper Butterflies" for the letter C. The text behind the butterflies has information on the Coppers.
Inchies are literally 1 inch x I inch square and usually have a background, image and a word although if you don't mind the fiddling around you can also add embellishements like buttons and brads...anything goes really as long as it's small and glueable!
Can you tell I recently scored an illustrated butterfly encyclopdia at the 2nd hand shop? lol I am going to get a lot of milage from this 50 cent book!

PS: Artful Eye...I have tried many times to comment on your blog. I can't seem to get it all working ok although I am trying and I do visit!


John said...

I think the first one is great and the second is missing in inaction.

Very good, Lisa. I like the way the butterflies are oriented - the composiiton keeps me in the image and then sends me off the paghe at the top right. It makes it feel like I am participating in the dance that is a butterfly's flight.

I saw a bumblebee fly by yesterday. My first of spring.

Neda said...

Lucky You! I have been scouting for a similar book or years!! Love the collage too. Fly away with your imagination, my friend!