Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm back!

Made for the international recycled art swap. Poem recycled from old book (re-written below) recycled magazine images, recycled bread tags, recycled plastic box tag (used to wire in the toy originally) and a recycled birthday candle- the base for the collage is a recycled Christmas card.

Victorian Love themed Tip in for a swap on Alternative Artists.
Op-Shop lace, Magazine images, paper doilies, paint, thread, recycled poem from an old book (words below)

This has probably been the longest time between posts I have had! Rest assured though that amongst school trips and birthdays I have been getting as much done as I have been able too. Admittedly there's been more thinking than action though. It is soooo good to be getting my hands dirty again! Since my last post I have made another CD page for a altered CD book as well as altered 2 postcards...somebody forgot to take photos though! I am in desperate need of more magazines to draw inspiration from at the moment in order to complete the remaining 6 collages for the international collage exchange. I am sticking with my 'society is a nest' theme and apparently none of 3 million magazine I already have, have any suitable images. Atleast none that are calling my name loud enough for me to hear! So until I get more I am working on some other projects.

Photo 1 shows my 1 of the 5 postcards I am doing for the 'International Recycled Swap' The poem says:

The flight of the arrow.

The life of man
is and arrow's flight
Out of darkness and into the light
And out of light,
into darkness again
Perhaps to pleasure
Perhaps to pain!
There must be Something
Above or below
Somewhere unseen
A mighty bow.
A hand that tires not.
A sleepless eye
That sees the arrows
Fly and fly
One who know's
why we live- and die.

Richard Henry Stoddard. 1825-1903

Photo 2 is of the Victorian Love themed page I did for a Tip in Swap on Althernative Artists, currently there's a Marie Antoinette page drying on the bench! I found this theme hard because I don't usually work with these colours but I am confident that the new owner will enjoy this.
The poem here reads:

The Unfading Beauty

He that loves a rosy cheek,
or coral lip admires,
or from star like eyes doth seek
fuel to maintain his fires:
As old Time makes these decay
so his flames must waste away.

But a smooth and steadfast mind,
gentle thoughts and calm desires,
hearts with equal love combined
Kindling never dying fires.
Where these are not I despise
Lovely cheeks or lips or eyes

Thomas Carew

Time to fly, swimming lesson's for my eldest in half an hour and I still have to collect her from school....


Sweet Irene said...

I like number 2 the best, very nostalgic and romantic.

I forgot, what is an altered CD book again? I know what an altered book is, but a CD book?

Glad you are back on line showing your art. I have missed you, but kept coming back to see if you were here yet.


John said...

I really like one of two - it intrigues me. The bread plastc things with expiration dates are particulalrly brilliant.

I suspect you have been looking into the sun a lot.

I am so happy you took off word verication. Now both of us can share viagra spam, etc.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

I like #2 the better too. Good to see you!! Fun what you are doing.

~ Diane Clancy

The Artful Eye said...

Lisa, love them both. I am an avid recycler and I see all these things in my possession. Lovely images.
So glad you're back.