Saturday, February 23, 2008


I really didn't want to create a beautiful paintings.
I didn't want nice.
I didn't want smooth lines or even brushstrokes.

This subject can't be made pretty, graceful or sweet.

Our earth, our heritage is precious.
Our eco-systems are delicate.

I did this for an assignment, I had to produce 4 paintings inspired by my environment. I was taken with the cracked mud at my local pond (created by the drought ) and then I just so happend discovered crackling medium...
I posted 2 combinations...there are many possibles. If these were for sale the owner would decide which story worked for them the best. I need to weigh these down for a while so they will sit flat and then work out how to best mount them...any suggestions? I don't want frames but right now they are just bits of card! Thankyou in advance!

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PS: Sweet Irene, thankyou for the award! I can't seem to comment on your blog again...but a BIG THANKS from me to you all the same! I will post my award here soon:)


Mick said...

I prefer the bottom version, Lisa. I don't have a clue about flattening however. Perhaps a trip to a frame shop with the properly placed question will elicit an idea or two. Just as an aside, and this is just me, but I would never show a buyer work that I was indecisive about. I suppose this position on the issue comes down to an adamant belief that artists should be responsible for their own work. While it's true that we sometimes don't completely understand what drives us, there's usually plenty of positive information to relate that includes an honest self-assessment when delving into an area that is largely intuitive. Just my 2¢ here. :)

Shani Thomas said...

I like them very much Lisa, in any combination. As for me, if I were buying them, I would display them seperatly, enough far apart, oh say an inch or so, so that the feeling of "breaking", of fragility seems more evident, and yet they are as a whole. On the framing bit...don't rightly know on that one. Really, I don't much like frames, gots to have them some times I know, but when needed I'm always faced with the same dilema as you. Oh, and the "flattening" of them...need they be "too" flat? I can't see them "in person" now, true, but I'd think that the slightly "raised" quality to them might lend itself well to the subject. Bravo! You're on such a creative roll lately, I'm impressed!

Bobbie said...

These really say what you are trying to say, that the earth is really fragile and we must care for it. I see these mounted somehow on wire frames and suspended, maybe even a mobile, or some other not flat dimension. Such as overlapping or raised.

Sweet Irene said...

You're welcome for the award, Lisa, how frustrating not to be able to comment.

I don't know enough about framing, but would frameless glass sheets work with that wood backing and those clips, I don't know what they are called.

Now I don't even know anymore what they are called in Dutch, aaarrrggghhh! I need to figure out my languages.

John said...

I agree with Mick and I also prefer two.
His cooment re standing behind the work is critical.

Unbridled artistic honesty (doubt) works best with hand granades.

Something that I always consider also is permamence of the work - something that will not fall apart or fade. When I printed photos I liked cibachrome because a stable color print- impossible to do anymore due to EPA concerns re process. I never knew.

I appreciate your worshiping at pagan altar of typos. In typos is the preservation of the earth.

The Artful Eye said...

Oh, I'm days behind in my visits.

I love these paintings. All of them. I would hang them a bit apart from each other.

You mention these are on card. I've also done this and wondered what to do. You can have them mounted or mount them yourself to archival board and then mount them to a wood block if you don't want frames.