Monday, January 28, 2008

Metaphorically speaking

Sketch from work book, new addition to the series below. Note to self- next time paint the sky first!

Well I gave every-ones feedback some thought andS decided that the main confusing factor in my last efforts at illustrating my idea was the closed hand. You are a very positive group of viewers! Most people saw the hand as a sign of victory and achievement. I saw it as a sign of domination. Not sure what that says about me as I am not usually pessimistic!
Anyway..I decided that the hand shape was the problem and after playing around for a while I came up with this sketched version.
I have tried to show the hand in an abstract form emerging unscathed from the icebergs...more powerful than the ice. The hand of course is my metaphorical symbol to represent human activity causing damage to the environment (in this case it is climate change.)
I let the line of the icebergs fade away to try and show that they are weakened and melting unlike the hand which is solid and strong. Personally when I keep in mind the feedback you lovely people gave me I think this is a better version and with work it may be a successful illustration. The ice effect is worth working on too. Again... I welcome your honest feedback. I promise not to cry all over my laptop if you disagree!
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Bobbie said...

Yes! I think the hand is much more representative of "the hand of man" with the fingers open rather than closed.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

I prefer the clenched hand destroys with a fist and we certainly are harming the only thing we know of in the universe that has life.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

Very interesting changes ... I like what you are saying to go with the image! Wonderful analysis.

A thought .. I wonder if it would be easier to identify as ice if the edges were sharper ... I have no clue how I would draw ice ...

But I think of it as sharp edges and sharp points ...

The hand is great!! Good luck!

~ Diane Clancy