Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grounded "Original" - An unexpected collaboration

This is my original collage- leaves, a bunny tail and an assortment of paper, fabric, plastic mesh, staples and pins. I've posted this before so you may remember it!
I created it in a bad mood but through the process of creating I felt completely free and grounded by the end of it. Much better!
I learnt a lot about myself creating this and have since created several other collages in this style. I refer to them as my 'pilings' and my husband says they look like I tipped over the rubbish bin and glued it to my page! I think he's amused. I don't mind. He does realism, I do piles and that's ok!
I guess you will either love' em or hate 'em. They require a response that is not indifference.
One person who did like this collage is John of typos.daylight.fate and he's used this image (with permission) as a base for a digital collage and you can see 3 from the series below. Make sure you check them all out here.

It's been an unexpected yet enjoyable twist on the story. It's beautiful thing that 2 artists with very different styles can live on opposite sides of the world and share a journey- having never met.

I suspect this collage's journey hasn't ended yet, several other artists have expressed the desire to play around with either my version or John's. I'll keep you posted!
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John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Lisa, you are too kind. Yes, we are pretty far apart, but what is interesting is that one of us is always dreaming while the other is creating.

My best to your family.

Thank you for sharing....excellent work here. I do hope others join in and we all experience a shared creativity.

Cool accident.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

This is so cool that other artists want to play with your collage! What a compliment.

~ Diane Clancy

Kris Cahill said...

Hi Lisa,
I commented on John's blog letting him know I liked this, and I wanted to let you know too.

I really like your "pile" here. It has great texture and color, and if it took being in a bad mood to get it started, it worked! The bunny tail for some reason totally amuses me, and it's not just the name. I also like the mesh pocket holding the dried pods, and the entire piece inspires me to make a few piles of my own.

How fun to read both your blogs and see this collaboration.

Sweet Irene said...

Hi Lisa, I am glad you are showing the original, as I hadn't seen it yet. I am planning on working with John's image of it, but may I also try something with this one?

I must say I like your pilings, no matter what your husband says about them. They are more than just items "piled" together.

griesmail said...

Hi Lisa it is so nice to follow this proces.
Working in art doesn not always give happy feelings, it is mostly a struggle. But at the end and when that is ,there is a sort of satisfaction. But always doubts.
I like your kind of art.

Bev said...

I saw the work on John's blog and thought it great collaboration of the organic mixed media artist and the digital artist. Look forward to seeing more like this.

alice said...

I do like what so do, so imaginative poor English is too bad to give me the right words...I'll be back here to see new collages (the same word in French, thanks!)
Thank you for visiting ArradonDP! Have a nice day on the other side of our little planet!

Rima said...

Definitely NOT rubbish, Lisa. It's beautiful, and very difficult to create. Brava, I really like it a lot and appreciate how you did let your work diffuse your negative energy. I felt strength, and experience coming from this piece. Am I making any sense to you?

Lara said...

very interesting work! thanks for visiting my page!