Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mother Nature

Something different!
Collage and Acrylic.
Mother Nature- the battle of wills.

This is for an assignment I am madly trying to catch up on! The kids are all better now:) Big thankyou's to everyone who sent their 'well thoughts' to us! So, yes the catch up has begun.
I created this by drawing mother nature in charcoal and then painting over the top in acrylic. When it was nearly dry I placed a wet piece of paper over the top to remove bits of paint and to damage the paper. I deconstructed her to symbolise the damage we are causing the earth. I placed ripped up pieces of the print I got with the wet paper and glued them on top of the original. I used parts of her to symbolise mother nature's efforts to rebuild and heal. Then I did the bar code to represent society again and then collaged birds and butterflies over the top again symbolic of the battle that goes on.
Nature-Us-Nature-Us-Nature. I let nature end this battle of wills because I am optimistic that that will be the final outcome!

It's not a first class piece of work but it certainly re-freshed me. The change from formality with the
Tuscany painting to the impulsive and random style of the painting is a kind of release that recharges me creatively. Back to Tuscany tonight :)
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Neda said...

You are fearless! Bravo for following your heart (again). Did you find any problems with painting acrylics over charcoal? Never tried it before!

Bobbie said...

Sometimes the work just flows, doesn't it? Other times are like Tuscany. But you are coming right along and I'll bet the finished result will be to your liking :)

Bev said...

Such a clever idea! I love the way that the picture of Mother Nature has been physically cut to symbolise the huge damage that is currently being done to the environment. I love art like this - is it mixed media? It seems to combine painting with sculpture.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

This is fun ... and SURE know what you mean about painting without the worry of being right and all!!

I will be gone for a couple of days so I will post but not comment. I have the posts written. See you soon!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Neda, I hadn't tried the charcoal and paint technique before either. It's supposed to darken your paint but I can't have used enough or maybe I should have used a softer charcoal! It did give a lovely raw look to it though when I took the print as it showed through.

Spot on Bobbie, yes sometimes art flows and sometimes you need to dig deep to find it!

Bev, yes it is Mixed media. But only paint and paper which I collaged onto it.

Sorry your ice storm kept you from your trip Diane! Glad to have you here though :)