Friday, November 23, 2007


This is a segment of a collage I did earlier today, the rest didn't come out as well as I hoped. Sometimes you get that! I like this part though :) It is actually more effective than the whole collage.
The lily flower photo is MINE! Yay! I painted the edges of it to give the slightly feathered soft edge, the pears were painted and collaged by moi, the eggs were cut from paper scrap , the scissors are from a sewing pattern I scored free at the op shop, I painted the background with my trusty pallete knife and cut up some playing cards for the diamonds and numbers. It's been a great, productive afternoon and I feel really blessed to have had the time to do so on a overcast weekend with three kids home!
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Bev said...

Those bright colours would be a perfect antidote to an overcast weekend, I would imagine! The playing cards give a feeling of play, as does the whole whole collage, which is very playful. If I was to get a little fanciful I would say that the bright colours on the pears and the exuberance of the waterlily also shows nature at play!

Neda said...

I know the feeling..I've got only one son and I never have enough time to "play." You inspire me, Lisa!